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assalam walekum brothers and sisters... i am 18 years old boy and i want to marry a girl of 17 years... we are in a relationship of 2 years..we love each other...i have completed my inter (12th standard)..i want to marry this girl..i belive in myself that i will keep her happy emotionally as well as financially...the main problem is in between our family...our family knows about our family have accepted it too but on the other hand the girls have not accepted me...she have tried a lot to convince them but all the efforts was in vain... now the girls family have decided for the marraige of the girl...they have selected a boy also....i love her and cant leave her....i know if i will leave her she will be destroyed..nd i think she will commit suicide... i want to marry her..she have also agreed to marry me....

please give me a positive suggestions

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Walikum Assalam!

Before saying anything. I'd like you to know that I'm not professional answerer here, I'm just ordinary user of this website. As I got great help and knowledge here, so I decided to give my best to others.

First of all, will all due respect. I don't think that a boy who's just 16 years old and a girl 15 years old can fall in love - well it's just my opinion. People gets attracted, fall and thinks that they're in love until they got separated and found another one.

I'll suggest you to pray and just have faith in one thing "Whatever Allah do, are in your favour" and pray if you both are good enough to each other for your whole life then Allah will grant your wish.

and after all love is not the name of achieving your lover, Love is to see your lover happy forever, no matter with you or without you.

If her parents are not getting agree (obviously you can't marry her, it's also mentioned in Islam), try to understand and make her understand that may be we're not made for each other, we spent the most beautiful time with each other. May be that's all written in our fate. Let it go, not all the things are in your favour. Sometimes letting go is better for us.

But if she's in your fate, if she's your destiny, no one can make you apart from you. Just pray, have faith, be strong and make her strong.

~May Allh guide you, bless you and make you strong in this tough time, and to all Muslims. (Aameen)!

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wa alaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu me i had the same problem but we've been in the relationship for 6years now but the parents were trying to say that they want their daughter to marry a well to do man and also claiming we are family bcoz of that we cant get married but still up to now and family they were talking abt hear wasnt direct relationship and that is why i keep on with her. The fact is that u need to identify your faith in her and keep your prayer of being in this relationship with her till death makes u apart. May the Almighty Allah guide and protect us all

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