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One of my friend ws in a relation wd a girl from last 4 n half year's.. they did everything bad(sex) n unfortunatily girl got pregnant and gt abortion in 3rd month.... And then again they meet 4 5 time's did da same(sex) Now they wanna come back to ALLAH n are aggree to Do hikah with each other.. My question is what u gonna sugest them what to do next.. They wana do nikkah so would u preffer them to do nikkah and pray for forgiveness or what ?? what should must be done da best in ds type of situation and what is the qufara of abortion(3mnths) n sexual relation(haram relation) for 4 n half year's... Em just waiting for your reply sir so that they choose best which is possible to recover thier time wasted in sins and for a better fuure .. i"ll be very thankful to you

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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

Before saying anything. I'd like you to know that I'm not professional answerer here, I'm just ordinary user of this website. As I got great help and knowledge here, I decided to give mine.

Absolutely, Forgiveness is necessary. It's good that they realize their mistakes and now they want to get married, But the sin they've done is are in the same place. They'll not be disappeared after Nikah. Guide them to ask for forgiveness as much as they can. Allah the great forgiver, will forgive them. InshaAllah!

I don't know about the kufara, someone here will reply you on that with related hadith and Quran.

Just ask for forgiveness and try to live the life with the teaching of Islam.

May Allah Guide and Bless you, your friends, me and all Muslims. (Aameen)!

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