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AOA .. i am in severe kind of depression these days my friend left me bcz he want me to do something wrong i refused now he left me we knw each other from 3 years i am in depression coz i cant forget him he promised me that he will marry me nd he loves me but now when i refused he left me i am very tense plz tell me how to get rid of all this

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IN THE NAME OF GOD! Salam ,His first marriage was done. The third marriage might do. We humans have emotions dominate our minds. We forget God, yes God is merciful and what we see within our consciousness. Sister come and stay away from sins and ask God's help., He is kind and loves you and will never leave thee not.Put your trust in God, whatever is best for you, it will give you.

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sorry i didnt get what you are saying what do you mean by first marriage was done ..the third marriage might do what does this mean ?

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"Verily in the remembrance of Allah hearts find rest"[13:28]

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