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Asalamu alejkum wa rah matulahi wabarikatu hu. I know this person who have problems with their genitalia, and claims that he/she can't pray becouse he/she feels something comes out of them all the time. May be as little as a drop, then the person claims to be unclean and can't pray. So they decide to skip the prayers. I feel this is very wrong and if that would be such a big issue, I personally belive it would be better to pray even thought one is not 100% sure that he/she is clean. And if the person did wudu just before prayer, would that be acceptable even if the person felt something come out of them? This issue has been accouring very often and this person have skipped many prayers becouse of that.

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IN THE NAME OF GOD !Asalamu alejkum wa rah matulahi wabarikatu hu.Supreme Leader Khamenei:Q: What if the urine can prevent ruling who pray? A: If the disease is Slsalbvl with incontinence of urine droplets so that it always comes out in his prayer as if time does not erase the cleanliness of the body, such person shall ablution for every prayer with a handkerchief from reaching urine and body suits to prevent. Read prayers and prayer is correct.You can visit this site:

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