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Muslim world Chaos "

WHY and What could it be the Reason (Islamically)for all these?

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Quote: Originally Posted by Aapa View Post Assalaam walaikum,

The greatest shame on us is that we forget the Laws of Allah and try to interpret them for ourselves. We do not have to argue..just seek knowledge. Know our faith before we fight battles. We have to have implicit understanding of what we are doing. We have to think through our actions. What are we defending and why.


Wa aleykum Salaam

Hadha Sahih(you are correct) BUT what is the solution ?

we see THE LEADERS are the main target...with their leadership.

but what about The Recognized IMAMs and MUftis etc

Do not they have anything to say to Our leaders that the reason

" we have forsaken Kuran?"

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Muhammad sas knew this situation will come when he said that"WE muslims will one day be like the froth upon the ocean We will be many but our strength will be dwindled".Someone asked the question about mad'hab this might be one of our problems We have enough knowledge of deen even closer to hand reach today yet we are weak Why because we chose to BE divided Some masjids pray this way some masjids practice that way "they are my brothers yes but I cannot associate too much with them for they are shafi or hanbali or hanafi ect".This is why today we are not active in affairs of global magnitude eg. global warming a man made disaster threatening our planet and the existence of life are we Muslims supposed to just take the back seat as if we are not concerned? If the answer is no then let each and every one of us begin to make that change let us forget our :small differences: let us put aside our tradition and pride do it for Islam Let us find common ground thro' Quran and sunnah and the wise teachings of teachers who quote from all the great imams irrespective of whichever mad'hab they belong We have long broken the race barrier what we need now is togetherness stop thinking of ourselves as divided in this deen together we WILL make this world better.

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