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I just converted to Islam and I just learned about shaving in the pubic and armpits - as you can imagine this is too strange for me. I had a few questions 1. by plucking the armpit hairs, does it literately mean PLUCK - sounds really painful 2. instead of a razer - b/c it makes me nausish to use it there - can I use a hair buzzer...I did read something that said something that is has to be no longer than a rice grain (I was hping that the buzzer would be just as good - I figured since at the time they did not have it and now it is a new invention, it may be sufficient enough

  1. what other parts are necessary..around the navel too? I tried looking online but got confused

Sorry if my question is bad or if I offended you

Also may you give me a quick explanation for the beard, it is not to be shaved - so trimed? . . I see many Muslims, even the old ones, who shave it..or trim it super short

Thank You, may Allah reward you

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Aselamun aleykum wa rahmetullahi wa baraketuhu,

From my understanding you can use a razor or you can use cream that will remove the hair by the armpits/ private area (every 40 days). The facial part you should trim mustache short. As for the beard you can let it grow but it has to look clean and well kept/washed. Also if you already didnt know you have to trim your nails (hands and toes). May allah guide you and be pleased w/ you & make things easy for you.

Remember some brothers parents do not allow them to grow a beared b/c ignorance, i have this problem w/ my father. -- PLEASE MAKE DUA/PRAY FOR ME BROTHER.

Aselamun aleykum wa rrahmetullah. Brother.

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