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Salamu aleikum,

Since it is not permitted to make images of living/animated things and those who make images will be very punished on the Day of Jugdgement, is it permissible to play games like this: , even if I did not participate in making any images ? Will I be punished too for having fun with other people's sins ? Even if I just play for fun and not to encourage the making of images ?

(Music is not a problem since I can mute it on the settings menu)

Jazakallahu khair

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you aren't playing this game? are you?

(Apr 09 at 20:29) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

please answer in sha allah

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seems like a tricky question. i myself wonder why tv or online video is allowed. there are supposed "scholars" who film themselves. why is this not haram. i'm certainly no scholar, i'm not even a muslim, but i think there may be a loophole. is muhammad reported as saying in a hadith, the one were he tears up a pillow someone gave him because it had pictures of animals on it, not to make images of people or animals until "you can make them come alive"? thusly, it is the animation of film and games that makes them halal? just a thought.

(Apr 08 at 23:17) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

Video games are more on the gray area.They use images of living beings which makes them Haaram without doubt but they are stored in the form of data which some people say is not Haaram.So it is best to stop playing games.There is a Quraanic verse which somewhat says that if you doubts on something it is best to leave so as to protect your religion. Besides,you are wasting your money and time on entertainment

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