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I would like to know what parts to be washed after reliving.Should we wash only the orifice or the whole parts.Please give me evidence to believe you. There are different opinions. This is how I wash after reliving- Hand x5 Backside of left leg x5 Hand x5 Backside of right leg x5 Hand x5 Anus x5 Hand x5 Tube x5 Hand x5 Scrotum x5 Hand x5 Body parts near private parts x5 Hand x5

This method take at leat 15 mins.I request suitable evidence for your ruling.

I would like to know how do you take niyyah.Everyone tells it is in the heart. So for example I am entering the toilet,have I already taken my niyyah for wudu ? I take a lot of time to take wudu so I cant pray the optional prayers(tahiyat).Please give evidence

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Niyyah translation is intention

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I know but when I try to take niyyah non verbally something quite doesnt feel right.

(Apr 04 at 04:56) imranahmed imranahmed's gravatar image

For prayer you state your niyyah like this:

I make niyyah to offer x rakats of "such and such prayer", all worship is due to Allah and durood on Prophet Muhammad Pbuh

This is translation from my language.

(Apr 04 at 08:29) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

but everybody tells me not to take verbal intention because of a hadith by Imam Bukhari.So the place of intention is in the heart.I cannot take verbal intention because of waswas.

(Apr 04 at 09:48) imranahmed imranahmed's gravatar image
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