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ASSALAM O ALAIKUM BROTHERS AND SISTERS,,, i am asking for all your help as i am suffering badly due to my fiance's uncontrollable anger as i am not d only one who is suffering he himself and his family want to get rid of this..he is loving caring person but when he gets angry den a completely transformed one. the main issue with him is that he forgets to recite dua at the time of here i am asking for dua which i can recite for him and also he is very far away from me and m not able to dam (blow) on him or his is there any other procedure through which i can recite and then blow on him. please answer this asap!!!

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Salaam. Bismillah AlRahman AlRaheem. What is anger? Anger is different from frustration, different from sadness. Anger brings about negative thoughts, words, and sometimes even physical abuse. Anger is different from being annoyed as its onset is usually short and sudden, and directed to a matter that could have been solved by just walking away quietly. Anger is from the Shaitaan. It is up to your fiance to be able to control his inner Shaitain. All you can do is help guide him towards continuous Remembrance, Salaat, Zakaat and Zhikr and make dua for him and inshaAllah Allah ALWudood will help him overcome the illness that is anger. Try and explain to your fiance, that when he is angry it is his inner Shaitaan taking over him, and for him to be stronger and control his anger is actually him winning his Soul back from Shaitaan. Ask him to be more aware of his feelings arising and to control them before they arise. That is really all that you can do. At times when his anger shows, begin to read Surat Falaq, Surat An Nas, and Ayatul Kursi, inshaAllah it will help ward the anger away from you and maybe away from your fiance as well.

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