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I have panic attacks frequently. I can't control it or stop it. I really hate it. I just freak out and I really can't help it. Lately I started to get a kindof "anger attacks" I don't really know what to call it. But I will explain to you, what happens to me is exactly the same as in panic attacks except that instead of freaking out I get really angry, also I can't control it or help it. I get really pissed of when I get any attacks. I wish if it could just stop. This question is so not related to Islam, it is just that I need advice on how to control myself. And by me being the best person I can be, it will make me live the best life, which Islam is about. And by you answering, you are gonna have good deeds . So thanks

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Remember Allah(SWT) and ask for His(SWT) assistance. And indeed the heart finds rest in the remembrance of Allah(SWT) . :)

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