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As-salamu alaykum. i want to ask what does islam say on a girl leaving her home. i do not have a boyfriend nor any guy i want to go to. im single and a graduate. the problem is with my family. im not saying they are bad rather i love them but its getting out of my patience to bear with them and their abuse. i love my mother to extreme even though she despised me and says im a burden to her. i was to run away six years ago and the only reason i didnt, was my mother. i couldnt bear with her pain or humiliation. My brothers dont like me much smaller then me (not in size) physically and verbally abuse me and tortures me all the time. it seems its his job to make me feel worthless and week. my mother wants be wed off. Allah has some tests for me and i have been a showcase for people for almost 2 years. they reject me and i become center of my brother and mothers wrath. my father died years ago. now i have realised that its time for me to leave. i know i will be giving away a good lifestyle but it would be worth against the peace i'll get. im educated , can earn money to survive through teaching or other halal means. i can wear abaya- which my family is against. and work to get to haram and madina. i have written all this to give a framework, my question is : what does islam says on running away from home? i hope my week points arn't turned against me -my mother. thank you for reading. jazakAllah.

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Assalaam waalaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu,

Dont run away ukthi. It not a good idea, running away will be like you lost in the battle of sabr or patience. Think that Allah is testing you and He tests the one who he likes most. Do istekhra, pray Tahajjud and most of all supplicate, inshaallah sometime soon everything will be good

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