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salam alikoum, there is a woman that she accepted islam after she married to a man from arabic country she married him for the hope to teach her about islam, unfortunatly after marriage she discovred that he doesn't pray drink alcohol and make zina, and when they married he didn't give her the dowry (mahr) he lived with her only one week after he went to other country he said work mission but later she discovred that he went to meet another woman she knew that because she talked with this woman, so she went back to her country, after she asked him to divorce her he refused and he said that she will let her stuck like that all her life and she wil not marry she go to ask divorce in the court of his country, so she went to usa court she got the divorce after she went to imam in mosque there she told him her story and gave him the diovrce certificate from the american court he validate her divorce and told her that you are divorced, she is asking if her divorce is correct or not and if not whats is the solution because this man doesn't want to divorce her just because he want to come to America .

She can go and nullify the marriage in the court.

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what court?

(Apr 07 at 13:55) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

he threthned her if she go to his country to make the divorce in his country in addition she don't have that much money to go there

(Apr 07 at 15:30) Ahmed007 Ahmed007's gravatar image

she said she already got an american [court] divorce? so my question is what court does she still need to go to? or are you talking to abdul wasway? i still don't know why she is asking the question. she is divorced. unless it is a quess about sharia? maybe she worries that she is not divorced in islam. see i think the men get to divorce women without the woman's concent, but the opposite is not true? or am i wrong?

(Apr 07 at 18:27) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image
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