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About the five prayers of the day?

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Of course the Quran names the 5 daily prayers, in Surat "al israat wal Miraaj", that's how Moses had asked god to shorten up the prayers from 50 a day to only 5, the Fajr, Dhuhr, asir, maghrib, isha. These are the 5 prayers stated to all Muslims that should pray them every day.

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can you give me the verses. i thought details of the night of the long journey and the negotiatons with god to get the prayers down from 50 to 5 is in a hadith.

fajr and isha are mentioned in 24:58 and wusta 2:238. don't see the other two?

and doesn't one of he schools do a sixth?

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There is a prayer done in the middle of the night if one wakes up like should do, called tahajjud. No Hadith is a guide line of how a muslim should live said by the prophet peace be upon him.

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so what verses name the 2 prayers that i didn't?

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