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Assalam Alaikum,

My name is .....,alhumdulilah am deen follower and offer namaz on time. I got married with consent of mother as my father expired during my childhood (Allah May bless him with heaven and forgive him).my mom is school teacher and working abroad. after our marraige starting from 2nd day my mother and other sibblings make distance from me and not involving in family matters,thats i thought may be mistakenly. after months my mothers gettings angry with mistaken reasons to both of us,we cried and convince her many times ,she agreed then after few moments she still gets angers and hates towards us. to clarify things even i take our holy book in our hands but she's not believe,me and wife cried alots may be whole night as its feel bad for nothing we did. this confussions makes more problems in our life,my mom lost trust completely on us, blaming us we decieved her and not done anything since i do my work 5years.

when i was abroad she makes complains towards my wife and my whole family supports her but my family knows we r innocent even thought they against my wife mom take action with police complain,i came back to india and sortout the issue ,i quit talking with my family as no one cares us,my mom cursed me and my unborn child which brokes my wife gave promises me not to talk with my relatives untill they realise. im i wrong by not talking with my family? 2.I make distance to realise my mom,that im innocent ,im his only son who care her more than my life? mom is everything but to make her see truth behind my sibblings cruel ply,im doing,im i right? not taking care for financial issues,as my sibbling eat all our money and they want money only,i want mom to open his eyes,is it wrong im i doing.

please your suggest me,

pray for my mom better health and may allah bless her everything she desire,even my death. Ameen!!!

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