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Salaam sister. I know this is not what you would want to hear but I feel it my duty to let you know. It is haraam to have any interaction with people of the opposite gender. If you are both practising Muslims then you should know not to speak with one another. But now you will not be able to turn back as you are already speaking with him for a year. Repent and make du'a that Allah forgives you, make that du'a first and then make du'a that your parents will marry you to him. Engagements do not mean anything in Islam, it does not permit you to speak with the boy or do anything else with him. The only time a man and woman become legit for each other is through the bond of Nikaah. If you are really serious about him then be truthful to yourself, to him and to your parents. Tell you mother and your father together that you have fallen in love with this boy and that you do not want to continue doing Haraam and that you want to make Nikaah with him. You should not be afraid because you will not be asking to do anything wrong by asking for Nikaah. You should only be afraid if you are doing wrong; if you are interacting with him without any bond in the Sharee'ah.

I hope this helps and I make du'a that your parents will understand and let you marry him if they deem him a good boy for you. Wallahu A'lam.

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salam sister.I don't think I have knowledge about but I think u have better to pray to allah.and if u love some one u can tell him to contact with your parents and prapouse.

don't worry allah bless u

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