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I would like to know what Islam says about motherland and how it motivates a Muslim to love his/her country. I live in Bangladesh and most young people are motivated and they actually tend to put their national issue before religion. They say that religion should be personal and country issue should be national. In our country it's only in documentation that Bangladesh is an Islamic country but practically we see a very tiny reflect of it in every part of life. Even the government doesn't take necessary step to implement the Islamic rule to uplift the society condition and keep the young generation within the required restriction. I love my country. But I keep Islam, my religion at first as I keep our creator, Allah at the toppest position. Please respond anyone with a resourceful response to my query.

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Assalamu'Alaikum .

I am also a bangladeshi.And you are right, religion should be number one. The government does not care to be honest. They say bad stuffs about Islam and people don't even react to that... it's sad...

May Allah(SWT) guide us and protect us from evil. Ameen.

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Walaikum Assalam Brother,

It's sad bcz we are not yet ready to talk boldly about our religion in front of people. Media is a very strong system which actually is deriving people from the truth and government is always silent about it. Educational system should never had been like Co-system(boys & girls together in one class). But private universities and other colleges are giving privileges to the boys & girls to walk the way the like. Parents are sorrowfully unaware of what their children are going into. We, all, associated with this agenda, will be accountable to Allah in the hereafter.

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