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Assalamualaikum,actually i have a friend..she is 14 years old.she has a problem of "Bed-wetting"..!!Please someone tell me the solution of this.. So that i can help her.Tell me something which she can only do.She didn't told her mom about this because her mom is strict instead of helping her she will scold her and even she will beat her..So please anyone tell me what she should do..?? Jazakallah Khair

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**Salam .. bed wetting apart from few pathological reasons ...the most common is psychological issues . bed wetting can sometimes occur during a stressful event in a young person’s life. Conflict at home or school may cause to have nightly accidents. The birth of a sibling, moving to a new home, or another change in routine can be stressful to children and may trigger bed wetting incidents. Talk to her about how she is feeling. Understanding and compassion can help her feel better about her situation, which can put an end to bed wetting in many cases as you mentioned she is afraid of her mother .and mother is of the type who scold and beat her .. some one should talk to the mother too ... it even depends she is having this problem for how long ??? from beginning ??if so mother must know .if it has started now ask her about her fluid intake routine ..ask her to limit fluid intake from evening ..ask her to cut down tea and caffeine as they are diuretics .i.e. increase urine output ...she can maintain a voiding chart ... that is go to toilet every 2-3 hours and maintain a schedule ... and should empty her bladder before going to bed ...ask her to do this ., observe the result INSHA ALLAH she will feel better...and please assure her that there is NOTHING wrong in her ..nothing to be embarrassed about .....

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Walekumsalam,She have this problem from the beginning.. when she was a kid her mom thought that maybe because of her age this all is happening.. but now she is 14..and still all this.. Anywayz Jazakallah Khair For your Information..!! :)

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holy cow, an intelligent answer from a muslim. nothing about magic words or such. devori, could you please go answer nur888, the poor girl is carrying around...well you will find out.

fozia, she is right. not only scheduling and tracking her bathroonm breaks, but if this isn't a nightly occurance, she needs to review what has happened that day. in fact it would be best to keep a diary of everyday. as devori says psychological causes are most common, especial at such an age. you say her mother beats her. this may acctually be the cause. or not getting attention from her mother may triger it.

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abused children often develop a conflagerated sense of love. they may actually see the abuse as a sign of parental love, and then subconsciously seek it out. wetting the bed may be a cry for attention, even if that attention only manifests itself in an abusive nature. strange but true.

but ruling out the physical is usually the first order of business. does she have a gynecologist?

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Well Said..!! No.. She don't

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any medical resources at school? do y'all have school nurses where you are? don't know what else to say. obviously you have internet access, i just googled, bedwetting teenage girl an a bunch of stuff came up. of course sometimes so much information can be contradicting and confusing. goodluck to ya.

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Thanks for everything..!! :)

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fouzia usually child develops bladder control by age of 7 .. boys usually late ..but treatment is started if it persists even after 10 yrs of age .there is also family history positive means a parent, sibling, or other family member has had the same issue. common causes apart from being in a stressful state ...are 1. small urinary bladder 2. Some children affected by bed wetting have what's known as over-active bladder syndrome. This is where the muscles that control the bladder go into spasm, leading to the involuntary passing of urine.

3.repeated urinary tract infection (ask her if she experience burning while passing urine . with any history of fever ) 4. some cases of bed wetting, it may be that the child’s body doesn't produce enough of a hormone that regulates urine production, called vasopressin. This means their kidneys produce too much urine for their bladder to cope with.5.early onset diabetes ..also called type one diabetes seen in young age is also associated with increase frequency of passing urine 6. constipation is also a cause but of course she needs to be examined by a doctor ,few tests to be carried out ,start of treatment and she ll be fine inshaALLAH .role of family support very important .and she needs to know nothing is wrong with her .no need to hide or be shy ..changing life style helps a lot in such case which i already explained

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Jazakallah Khair for the information :)

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