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Assalamualaikum, I am from India. I am the youngest of my siblings. Please guide me on this matter. Allah will reward you with his mercy and kindness. My father died 13 years back with cancer and for some reason or the other we couldn't distribute what he left till now. When he died he had a debt of about 12 lacs which included the medical expenses and other debts. i was young at that time about 16 years old, all my three sisters married and the other brothers unmarried. My father owned farms of different valuation, four houses, out of which one was registered on my mother's name(rented and the rent collected was given to me for my education expenses, and two trucks, 1 car. My father had bought 2 motorcycles for each of my brother registered in their name. One of the farm (No.1) which has high valuation was registered by my father in the name of my eldest brother for which my mother contributed all her jewelry(almost half the price of the farm) and there is some legal issues with the same and my elder brother is still fighting a court case for the same. My father planned to sell the same due to legal issues and he elaborated this thing to my mother on several occasion but on my mother's advise that it will be useful for the children in future and my elder brother would like to utilize it in future my father didn't sell it. The other farm(No.2) was bought by my father and registered in my elder brother's name. It had to be sold as my father had committed to purchase a farm( of one of his cousins who was in need of money and my father had already paid him some money. My brothers paid the remaining amount to our uncle and utilized half of the money in business and farming. Third thing my father on several occasions told my mother that he will purchase for me a residential plot in a city but he couldn't. The vehicles (not the motorcycles) were sold after his death and the money was utilized to pay some of the debts and to do farming. My two brothers beside farming(which was not very economical and profitable at that time) did other businesses mostly by the money borrowed from others and loans. And after about 5-6 years my father's debt was cleared. Alhumdulillah, i thank Allah, by his mercy and grace and the Dua of my beloved mother and my two brother's hard work and dedication (really hard work), my father's debt was paid completely without selling any of his property (except farm no. 2, half amount of which was utilized to pay to my uncle on account of my father's commitment to purchase his farm). Fourthly,my brothers paid all my educational expenses which were very high ( My father wanted me to become a doctor, and Alhumdulillah i fulfilled his wish, only and only with the help of almighty Allah and my brothers and the dua of my beloved mother and sisters). They paid all expenses of my education and got me married including expenses of my Walima as i wasn't earning at that time. My brothers themselves paid the expenses of their marriage. The debts, income from selling the vehicles was calculated. After 13 years after my father's demise on the occasion of my marriage as all we brothers and sisters were together my mother decided to distribute my father"s property as one of my elder sister lives in Saudi arabia and she had come for the marriage. This is the actual situation. Below i will elaborate the problems we are facing with the distribution. 1. Does the expenses paid for the marriage of my brothers and me be included in the debts of my father, as it is the responsibility of the Father to get the children get married? 2. Does the educational expenses( which are very high) be included in the debts? 3. The farm no. 1&2 bought by my father and registered in my two elder brother's name be granted to them? (my father told my mother on several occasions and i am also aware of it that he will purchase a residential plot of almost the same value for me too). Does The hadith that a father shouldn't favor some of his children over the others, Includes Married daughters too as my father didn't told anything to their regard? 3. Does the motorcycles purchased by my father for my too elder brothers and registered in their name be included as my father's property. 4. My brother's are ready to pay the rent of the farms which have been given to my sisters as they utilized it and earned from it.

  1. My sisters and me didn't contribute anything in paying the debts of my father, all the debts have been cleared by my two brothers only.
  2. After all this they want a share in farm no. 1 of it being a very high value.
  3. As farm no. 2 had been sold, my two brothers had been given an equal share in farm no. 1.
  4. After calculating the debts and income from selling of vehicles and equal distribution of the debts, Farm no. 3 had been equally distributed in between my three sisters, valuation of each share is almost half of what given to me(farm no.4).
  5. The valuation of the Farms(no. 5&6) given to my two brother's other than farm no. 1 is almost half of the share of what my sisters got.
  6. The valuation of farm no.1 is about 4 times the share of my sisters. Please guide me and my family so that we can sort out the thing according to the Quran, Hadiths and Islamic shariat.
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