Where can I buy Muslim clothing?

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asalamo alaykom warahmato lah wa barakatoh

 I would like to inform you that we are a unit owner garment, our workshop is highly equipped and provides high quality finishing and delivery orders in a very short time.
 We are specialized in the following items "under our brand karistyle" as trademarks may also work for you:
 - Jilbab wedding
 - Jilbab one piece
 - Jilbab with two parts is either flared skirt with seroual
 - Abaya (different models) for women and girls
 - Abaya of milking period
 - To put on Hijab for women and girls
 - Khimar and niqab (cap or simple)
 - Gloves
 in addition to other traditional Moroccan products
 We remain open to any other application, if you already have your own brand we can consider outsourcing or formula that you can make big savings on your production costs.

we have a catalog of the first line of the 2013 collection online downloadable http://dl.free.fr/pITFM16Jv and password Username: karistyle as you can follow all the news of our society on facebook: karistyle.sarl view our catalog is not yet complete we can work on all types of models that you like simple pictures we take care of the creation, datasheets, ... For the price they are fixed according to several criteria: quantity, the fabric used, if the client wants us to work it own brand or ours.


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hmmm depends where you live a simple search on google will do the trick

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