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Music is haram in all circumstances. And when i say music i mean musical instruments such as piano guitar flute. Any string or wind instrumenit is haram the only permissible instrument is the duff. According to some scholars.

There is no authentic proof to claim that music is permissible in certain circumstances. And the ahaadith which state that music is haram are clear and authentic. So final conclusion music is haram in all circumstances weather its about Allah or not if it has musical instruments then its haram

If its about Allah and Islam and it doesn’t contrain any shirk and there are not music instruments then thats nasheed not music hence permissible.

Above reply was recieved by me through e mail , on 14 /04/ 2014 , for which i thank the Answrer and which i put here , for information/s of viewer/s here , thank you , With Regards Mansoor Noorani

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Remember that our Prophet Muhahmmad (pbuh) said that unlawful things will be made lawful. Its just a sign we are closer to Qiyamah.

Rather than trying to find exceptions to the rule you should avoid it altogether. Who wants to risk it on Day of Qiyamah? There is,not a Hadith which actively encourages music.


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