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I eat halal but i want to know what the difference is between them. I do know how to halal slaughter meat but what is difference?

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uh... Halal meats are basically cows, chickens, sheep; the usual, or anything that aren't pigs, donkeys etc. Tell ya what, you can find what's Haram and Halal in this website if you scroll down a bit:

But what's the difference? Well, Halal meats are Halal because the animals weren't stunned before they were killed, so therefore they are Halal, but if they are stunned before they're killed, they're Haram, see?

Do a bit of research if you didn't get any of the 'stunned and un-stunned' bits.

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Yes and you must say the name of allah ( Bismillah ) before u slaughter it

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