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I saw Prophet(pbuh) on my dreams.I can con remember the hole dreame but at last of dream he asked to resite surah Musah to me after that i woke up,I don,t understand about this dream.what is the meaning of this dream?As far i know there has no surah named " Surah Musah ".Is this is a indigation to something?

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Have some shame and don't talk about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) like that. He doesn't tell surahs which don't exist in the Quran in the first place (naozobillah).

The devils are clever. You know a guy came on a show and claimed to Imam Mehdi because he was shown a dream? He was asked if he could speak Arabic to which his reply was negative.

You have to be careful as devils are cunning and can make bad seem good.

How much do you practice Islam in daily life?

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