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I understand that Marriage is important, but I've also heard that it is allowed for a single woman to stay single/bachelor forever, under the condition that she will not commit any sin (adultary). Keeping this in mind,I have also heard that to intentionally choose to be single for life, a legitimate reason for doing so, is required. What would a legitimate reason be?

My sister has decided she doesn't want to get married, as since she was born till now (her mid twenties), she has witnessed only the (extreme!) negatives of couple/married life amongst families. Is her traumatic experience enough to make this decision? Also, our family is accepting of this decision if it makes her happy, but we want to know what Islam says before making any thoughts/decisions permanent.

Please could you provide an explanatory answer with islamic evidence? ~ Jazakalla

[She follows the Shafi'i branch and is Sunni, if that helps in any way]

Marriage completes half your Deen. How can it be considered 'optional'? I'm apologize for any rudeness, but marriage is compulsory in Islam since it saves you from zina and other temptations that a human naturally has in any shape of form, sooner or later they do, which is why Allah has blessed us Muslims with the halal option of marriage. Also, to the extent that Allah has commanded parents to try and get their children married as soon as they mature up as that is the critical age to commit zina. If marriage is not an option due to financial reasons or any other, then the person should fast in order to refrain from any type of zina. Marriage is the way forward.

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Salam Sister.

The brothers are correct.

Marriage is strongly recommended as a prevention of zina for those who choose not to control their sexual impulses. But it is not compulsory.

Having said that, you are correct when you say that marriage completes ones deen, and is to be preferred over celibacy.

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I have also heard that to intentionally choose to be single for life, a legitimate reason for doing so

sister, I'm not sure who told you that. I can tell you that there NO SUCH THING as having to get married in Islam; in Catholicism, maybe!.

In Islam, marriage is an OPTION not obligatory. Aside from the obvious reasons for marriage (love, family, emotional support,making BEAUTIFUL & CUTE BABIES), the Prophet said something like: increase in numbers because he is going to be proud of us (Ummah) in the Day of Judgment. This means getting married and having babies.

Marriage is more than just STUPID & ABUSIVE people. It is LOVE, TEAM WORK, PATIENCE, and SACRIFICE (sleepless night when babies cry). Successful businesses (like good marriages) are good at creating TEAM WORK environment and finding team work oriented employees (husband/wife). Bad businesses (like bad marriages) are bad at creating that environment and spotting bad employee (husband/ wife). If your sister wants to miss on the amazing things that come from marriage, then that HER choice.

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Good answer

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Not in Catholicism either!

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