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My mom forced me to accept the proposal due to my dad anger she said if u wanna say no say it to your dad i cnt say no to my dad if i do so he's gonna kill me or beat me.i said yes for the proposal but im not ready for this marraige.would this nikkah will b jaiz.Bcz im nt agree with the decision im getting forced to accept what does islam says about that

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Assalamu Alaikom,

I dont know if you are living in a Muslim country or non-Muslim country, but if you are living in a non-muslim country that the police are non-muslim then i am not agree to go to police, I prefer you talk with your dad. mostly the angry people and the people like your dad who we are afraid of them, they have a good hearth. I prefer you go to your dad and tell the below sentences along with what you are telling him. Dad! I know you did and doing lots of things for me to raise me that now it is time for marriage but please just do one more favor, I really dont feel well about this my marriage right now, I dont mean to say NO to you coz i never said no, i always did whatever you said but i mean think more about it, if you force me i will accept because of you, i will ruin my life because of you but after some time you will also know that it was wrong. so please think more about it dad.

if you exactly say No then he will become angry but tell him NO indirectly with kindness, he is your dad i am sure he likes you very much.

I hope Allah gives you what is best for you. Fee Aman ullah

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so if her father beats her she shouldn't call the non-muslim police. what if she is in a muslim country? can she call the muslim police?

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Islam on forced marriage:

Marrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: "A virgin came to the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) and mentioned that her father had married her against her will, so the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) allowed her to exercise her choice

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Speak to your parents kindly about reconsidering this, they should be acting out in your best iinterests and if they feared Allah they would not force you to marry. Regarding the classical Islamic law, if you sre a hanafi woman you cannot be forced into a marriage by any of your guardians, and have full rights in accepting or rejecting propsals. So yes, talk to your parents, if that does not work, get an imam or suggest it to them if they don't budge initially (give them time). And if they get violent that is unislamic. Make dua too, insh'Allah all will be swell.

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Parents are parents and at the end of the day it is your happiness that counts to them. No parent would want to see their children suffer. So I suggest you speak to your dad - I am sure he will understand. We are all scared of fathers that is the way it is, but when you analyze the situation deeper - you will learn that all he wants is his baby to be happy.

Don't make your father to be some kind of a monster. I do not agree that you cannot talk to him and he will beat and kill you. C'mon what sort of a world are you living in.

Be the good child and respect your parents wishes as well as I am sure they would have found the right person for you.

I wonder if your reluctance has something to do with another agenda of youre. Even if this is the case speak to your parents tell them this is what you want and to please give you the permission.

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soniya, "what world is she living in"? the world where a 14 year-old nigerian girl out of desperation just poisoned her husband she was forced to marry. a world were a 14 year-old pakistani mother threw acid on her daughter for looking at a boy on a motorcycle last year.

maybe you don't read the news? maybe you have a wonderful father and can't put yourself in her shoes. she's lived her whole life with her father, most likely, but you are going to tell her she is all wrong because of what? that's what you want to believe? that all fathers are good. please.

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Or maybe they dont follow islam?

(Apr 21 at 16:11) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image answer is just a suggestion. Nothing can be solved without discussion. She has not even spoken to her father. So who are we to assume what the outcome will be.

Parents are always approachable and she should speak to the father to voice her opinion - thats it and her right.

I know some may not agree with me, but well: this is how I feel . There are a few incidents that happen. but we as Muslims and daughters (I do not know about other) have been brought up to respect our parents and listen to them when they are right and reason with them if we feel they are wrong.

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if AA means at above and you are talking to me. i'm not the one assuming anything. she may be able to reason with her father, maybe not? i don't no? you are the one assuming that all parents want their children to be happy. clearly wrong. some are controling asholes who's only happiness comes from seeing their children miserable. don't know if that is the case here, but form the small picture she paints in her question, that's the way i'm leaning.

so let's say as a hypothetical, her father beats her. what should she do?

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AA - is the shorten form for Assalaamu Allaikum. Since I use it in SMS alot I guess I used it here too.

I am not here to judge and I am no scholar in Islam too. I merely suggested based on the experience I had as a daughter and with my parents.

hypothetically lets say you are right - Alhumdulillah

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