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im 15 but i was wondering if its ok for me to get a nose job when im 18. my nose is huge and bulbous and its literally ruining my life, i feel depressed whenever i look in the mirror and i feel like no one will ever marry me. lots of people have said it to my face and called me ugly so i'm definitely not imagining it. whenever i talk to anyone i just think about if they're looking at my nose. i don't want to have plastic surgery to attract people, just so i can stop crying when i look in the mirror. i just want it to be proportional to the rest of my features. would it be haram under these conditions?? please answer because i really need advice

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For beautification its not allowed.

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salam .. ,,do not let people make you miserable you know rhinoplasty is a painful elective procedure you opt for it ,not required to be performed ... and keep in mind the complication of anaesthesia too .ALLAH has made every feature of our face proportional at this stage teenagers will bully you and make me feel this way ..i am sure after some time you wont be bothered by it take some time ....... inshaALLAH you will make it your strength

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