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Assalamualaikum... please help me... I am a step mother to my girl kid... she is now 2 & half year old... she doesn't know that I am step mother... indeed... we feel for each other... she loves me so much... and I too love her a lot... feel proud when people says... girl child is on you... and even we got legal custody too...

I am so happy with my family...

My only trouble is... her birth mother and her birth mothers sister and granny... has cotacted us,. and requested... to want to c my child... wenever they visit dubai...

InshaALLAh I myslef want to tell her at the age of 10... about the truth... since the all mistakes are done by her birth mother... hope she will understand...

My question... how will it impact my child upbringing... I am woried... will she leave me? Just because I am not a birth mother...

Also... how will it impact if her birth mother visit us to see her... between... will that effect my child's heart...

I discussed with my husband... he holded my hands and said... You are THE MOTHER... U CAN only INFULENCE MY CHILD... U HAVE ALL RIGHTS... they will just see for hours... and go off...

Even islam says... that we should not stop the birth mother to see her..

Please help me...

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I feel for you very much. I feel that the birth mother is wrong to have contacted you to see the child after all she just signed her off to you.

You have all the right. The decision is up to you. I feel it is not advisable to encourage the visit as it may become frequent and you may even lose the child. If possible cut all ties with them until you are ready to tell her the truth. I suggest you change your contact details .

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