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I want to ask a question about Wazu.. If Masaa is acceptable on socks or not? and what if someone make wazu without socks and after that he put socks and then wazu gone and after that he want wazuu again would he take off his socks or he can do masaa on that?? i need ur kind answer for this question as soon as possible because i dont want that my Pray got disturbed due to my wazuu..

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Mas7 on socks is acceptable. But there is conditions: 1- those socks must be thick that water doesn't touch ur skin 2- socks must cover the part of ur feet that u wash when don't wear it 3- socks must be pure 4-for citizens, mas7 is avilable for one day and its night 5-for traveler, mas7 is avilable for three days with their nights 6-if u wore ur socks after ablution and then u broke ur ablution, mas7 time begins when u break ur ablution not when u wear it ........ How to do mas7 on socks: wash ur hands, put it on ur sock with separating ur fingers, then push it up. That means mas7 is from down to up....... Things that break ur mas7 during its time: 1- taking off socks or one of them 2- if the time ends 3-if you do something that u must bathe for like janabh........ Wa Allah a'lam

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I didnt Got my Answer Yet

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If you only do ablution to wear socks and make mas7 avilable, mas7 wouldn't be acceptable. But if u do ablution to pray, it is avilable.

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Can u Repeat this in Urdu please??

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So sorry. :( i can't speak it.

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