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Assalaamu Allaikum

My husband works as a retail Manager and has about 10 shops under him. Sometimes I do go with him when visiting the shops and I find that some ladies working in the shops behaving indecently towards him. I have been tolerating for a very long time as I trust him, but yesterday it hurt me alot as one sales lady came running and clung onto his arm and walked to the shop. She did not see me as I was behind. It hurt me a lot. Am I right to feel hurt and do I have the right to question this behaviour.

I trust my husband but for ow long can I keep ignoring this. I know in Islam this is haram. He is a person who prays five times a day. How can I make him understand to keep his status as a Manager.


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Praise be to Allah.

  1. What the man is doing of having a haraam (an unlawful) relationship with a woman who is not his mahram is a betrayal of the rights of Allah before it is a betrayal of the rights of his wife.

  2. We think that you should treat him very kindly and do not fall short in treating him kindly; you should also adorn yourself for him, wear your best clothes and create a pleasant atmosphere for him in the house, because he may be missing that altogether or in part. You should also advise him and admonish him, and warn him against continuing to commit haraam actions. You should explain to him what his punishment will be with Allah in the Hereafter, or in the Hereafter and this world; indeed you should warn him that Allah may punish him for such sin with regard to his family.

  3. We advise you not to let many people know about what your husband is doing, because the basic principle is to conceal sins that are unknown. What we want is that which will help mend his ways, not that which may be taken as a means to continue what he is doing of committing sin.

  4. Fill his time with useful and beneficial things, and do not leave him time when he is alone with his shaytaan! His daily schedule should be full, either with acts of worship such as upholding ties of kinship or attending Islamic study circles, or he should be busy with worldly matters that are beneficial and permissible, such as exercise.

  5. Offer a lot of du‘aa (supplication) for him to be guided and set straight, for the best weapon of the believer is du‘aa’. Strive hard to offer du‘aa’ in the last third of the night and when prostrating.

May Allah guide your husband and set his affairs straight; we ask Allah to reconcile between you when he is adhering to righteousness and obedience towards Allah.

And Allaah knows best.

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