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We wory so much about being successful but what does successful rely mean? Money!, woks!, big houses!. Fancy job!. Flashy cars!. Being the most popular on the street. All is N+O=BIG NO.

Success is: when yot worship Allah, devoting your life to Him showing that you love Him, care for Him and went to be the best servant for Him.

Success is: when you have perfected your sala'at, praying promtly, abandoning your sleep for nawafil at night, and never missing the regular 5 prayer at their time.

Success is: when you love our beloved prophet muhammad (pbuh) with all your heart following him in the perfect way, spreading is beautiful words, proverbs, traditions and sayings. May peace amd blessing of Allah always be upon him.

Success is: when you please your parent, helping around the house, trying to be the best son or daugter you can be, taking care of them when they are in need and placing your attention upon them.

Success is:

when you love your muslim brothers and sister unconditionaly, helping one another in the deen, showing each other the way of right, reminding them to pray, and joining together to be part of the believing ummah.

So success in this life is: when you follow the enlightenning path of islam for the goal of receiving paradise, where you will be with Allah for all enternity, living and breathing tranquility. ...This is what being successful really means!!!


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Mashaa allah. U r right.

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i wrote a whole essay on succes in highschool the only one ive ever got a perfect score since in english class you cannot have a perfect essay but apparently i did, i heard allah favors the poor muslims more because even all the hardship they go to they pray and thank allah for what they have and yet the modern world definition always somhow includes money when it really isnt about money

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