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Wallah guys i just had a dream about doomsday and mohamed (SAW) i was outside with my friends and suddenly the ground started too fall so me and my friends we were scared so my other friends was laughing and i was saying the Fethah. So then we fell down the ground so far that vi still survived, then i don't know if it was Mohammed (SAW) really but he came then he was going to punish us! so he put things around that really hurt us he put it there to make it hurt ourselves så when i was going to hurt my self it was a really big machine that would SMACK ME SO HARD that i would die but i said to my friend ''hey can we please change machine he said yes'' we did then as fast as i was going to get punished i woke up!

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Please answer me what it could mean!

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This is probably similar to punishment of the disbeliever because in his grave he will be hit with hammer that will cause him to turn to dust. He would be brought back alive and again hit. He will cry out of pain. Everyone except humans and jinns will be able to hear his agony.

With your dream I think the following verses come to mind (subhanalllah):

So as for he who transgressed. And preferred the worldly life. Verily his abode will be hell-fire.

[Surah Naziat 37-39]

Your enjoyment is a quick passing in this world. Better is to obey here so you don't plead your case in the hereafter.

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is it good or bad ? @abdul_wasay

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Its neither but a reminder in my opinion.

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@abdul_wasay : Do you interprete dreams?

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Yeah i can with best of my knowledge by Allah.

Allah akbar

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