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IS self harm HARAM in islam ? i dont know if it is and i cant stop myself frm doing it since the past days so please help me out.. and im really young (13 yrs) suicidal thoughts hit me many times and i tried to twice but now i know its haram ! i wanna get out of this depressive life n let it go .. let the past go but i cant ! i pray and make duas to Allah but i dont know why He isnt helping me and i have diabeties type 1 which makes me even sadder because im reallllyyyy young !!!!!!!!!

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Brother suicide is a huge sin. Allah swt gave u life a chance to live and work hard and spread the word of Islam and practice it! The latest answer by brother Muhammad noor qutawna is a good one. You are like my family. Every muslim is related to each other in fact the whole world is. We all came from Adam (may Allah be please with him)and Eve (Hawa) Brother Allah loves you unconditionally and it doesnt matter even if your not the best muslim. He made you the way he wanted to. He gave you qualities and abilities that maybe only you posses. He gave you eyes to look,ears to hear,legs to walk and many other parts... My point is that this life is so precious and we need it so badly if we want paradise. We have to prove that we are worthy for paradise and this life is how we prove it. If you get rid of it then consider paradise gone. In Sha Allah Allah swt will guide and help you. I understand its hard, but read the Quran because its a shield against the devil, never isolate your self, because the devil will continue to haunt you and read one of the 99 names of Allah swt.. i'll link this site with the 99 names of Allah swt and there benefits Read Ya Shakur 41 times to be healed from depression.. there are so many benefits from reading the names I urge and recommend you check them out from the site I linked. In Sha Allah Allah swt will guide and help you in this world and the next Ameen.

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dear brother/sister, I can feel your pain.

Sometimes, suicide may seem the easy way out but it is NOT. In life, we experience happiness, sadness, depression, joy, boredom. We might not experience certain feelings at all time; however, that is OK. For example, when people think about marriage, they think about happy times. married people will tell you they are NOT happy all the time. DOES THAT MEAN people should stop getting married ?! of course no; they FIGHT/WORK to make their marriage a happy one. Also, women love to have cute babies, right! However, when they get pregnant, they experience pain and they can't do fun activities such as running. During the delivery, some of them experience strong pain too. DOES THAT MEAN women should stop having cute babies ?! of course no; they ADAPT to the situation (give up certain activities during pregnancy) and they DO NOT GIVE UP while they are experiencing the pain (delivery pain). Finally, many people have hard time in school/college (hard courses, peer pressure, etc) but they DO NOT give up and abandon school.

I'm sure you are a wonderful person who is experiencing hard times. Please, remember that there are people/organizations who can help us during those hard times; sometimes we just need to look for those people & ask others to help us find them instead of letting our inner thoughts control us. Also, you are very smart because you chose to talk to us on this site instead of harming yourself. Finally, talk to your family, school counselor, local organization such as a mosque or professional psychologists, and friends you trust who can help. DO NOT KEEP your feelings inside and let it destroy you. TALK to people you TRUST about those feelings.

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There must be a reason for your suicidal thoughts, inshallah you can get the problem solved, please do not commit suicide. You are like my family, even if I do not know you, I still feel connections with all Muslims as an ummah. I will pray for you and make good duas to your name. You must try hard to better yourself so you can feel better. Allah knows best.

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Tests are a way to purify us. The Prophet ﷺ said, “No fatigue, nor disease, nor sorrow, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that,” [Bukhari].

And the when Allah (SWT) loves a servant , He tests him/her. So be happy and continue with worship, remember our final destination is jannah In Sha Allah so do not loose track of it :)

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Do not despair . ALLAH (SWT) is always with us. And never go near suicide, it is not only haram but also kufr which is major sin .... so tell me what is ur problem? What makes u depressed? We can help you In Sha Allah. :)

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big sin, YES. kufr!! where did you get that from?

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