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Assalumualeykum, I have this thing that has been troubling me for long, I realy feel guilty whenever I praise something the second day or aftet sometime something happens to it.Its not that I don't say mashallah I do say and truly I usually don't have any evil thing about it in my heart. My friends tell me its sharu nafs that I have it in me, is there any dua that I can recite to remove it. Plzz help

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Thats probably you,re praising them more instead of Allah. And you should keep away as much as possible:

“We were sitting in the presence of Umar when a man praised another man to his face. Umar said, ‘You ‘Aqartahu (crippled him), may Allah do the same to you.’” Furthermore, Abu Ma’mar said that a man stood up and praised one of the leaders, then Al-Miqdad started throwing sand in his face, and saying, “The Messenger of Allah ordered us to throw sand in the faces of the praisers.”

[Muslim, At-Tirmithi, Abu Dawood & ibn Majah]

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