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Assalamualeykum, my parents say that I have eyn nafs, coz if I praise someone something or other happens to him or her.its not I don't say mashallah I do say, and truly don't have evil desires in my mind when I praise, my parents say that its in me, I feeling guilty about it, now I don't want to praise anything cause I am afraid something may happen to it, is there any dua that I can recite to remove it.please help.

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qul huwa rabbi falaq; qul huwa rabbi nas; qul huwallahu ahad. Please try to recite these three surats, these keep away the evil of people who try to bring you trouble. They're called sharr, and make dua for Allah to protect you and your cherished ones during salah. I donot feel that there is eyn nafs, there are people who look for trouble though, and be weary of them. Stay in strong faith and keep yourself steadfast always.

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