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I have felt (touched) the private part (groin region) of a non-mahram girl (of different religion) when she came to our home and was sleeping. Is this a major sin? Will I be forgiven by Allah?

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Only allah knows that, and if you repent and will never do this again then yes maybe allah may forgive you

(Apr 23 at 20:09) aisha mohamed aisha%20mohamed's gravatar image

If i remember last time you touched mother and sister and asked the same question:

My brothers might not be able to see your devilish innocence but i can.

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Well, firstly, I'm guessing you touched her without her permission since, you know, she was sleeping an' all, so that adds to the sin of touching a woman in the first place (I think). But to answer the question, yes, you will be forgiven, if ya repent enough and pray and read the Qur'an and all that good stuff. After all, Allah's meant to e the 'Ever-Merciful', so... yeah.

Basically, you will be forgiven if you do enough du'a and Namaz (I'm assuming you know what that is).


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In Sha Allahu you will be forgiven.

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