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Assalaamualaikkum... I am in love with a Muslim girl for past four years we used to talk, text and meet when when we get chance. We never crossed our limits. My parents somehow got to know about us and they are not accepting her. When I ask "why do you hate her?" they're not giving me any proper reason. They told her parents too. I haven talked to her for more than 5 months, but I am sure that she loves me too, I don't know what to do, I can't leave her, I can't marry some other person, I am acting very strange, every single time I pray I cry, I don't know what to do please somebody help me.

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Well by meeting her in private and talking to her about love (how else could you know she loves you), Islamically that is crossing the limit, so your parents perceived you to have crossed it and went into parent-mode. However, if you truly want this girl and by what I have read it seems you have pure intentions, you need to establish to your parents what you said above, that you can't marry some other person, and that you really want to marry this girl. And you could always attempt to go to their parents, as a man you don't need your parents' permission, you need her parents' permission. And the biggest thing is to pray and make dua, this cannot be stressed enough. Better yourself as a Muslim and don't stop bettering yourself if you do insha'Allah marry her. I'm making dua for you brother =)

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Marry her....I will make dua for you too.

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