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Salam I was wondering if someone was was abusing you verbal and physically and lets say that person was your husband would it be better to divorce him and forgave and forget or get even than divorce him. I know the first one seems like the right thing to do but dosen't him abusing you verbally and physical follow into oppression so getting even seems like an option to me.

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Getting even will not make you feel better, I was married to a non muslim atheist before I converted who was emotionally abusive and controlling and I just put all of my trust in Allah and let him guide me out of the situation.. It will make you much happier to just let him take control because he knows what's best don't lower yourself down to the level of the one who causes you such pain.

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If Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wanted to get even with every kuffar who constantly insulted and wounded him ,then how would have Islam spread?

"Patience is virtue"

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