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Assalamu Alykum , I'm from India . My mother tongue is Urdu . I would like to know if it is ok to recite Quran in English . I'm not being rude but I always feel like it does not make any sense when I pray myself or being leaded by Imam , because I do not know Arabic . I would surely learn Arabic in future and would pray and recite Quran in Arabic as it is in original . What could I do for the moment ? As of now , I'm praying in Arabic and reciting Quran in English . I've not fully learnt the Quran . I would like to know if there is any verse regarding this issue in Quran .

My point of view is that Arabic is not a holy language because many revelations had come before in different language by different Prophets ...hence , we should learn and pray in language we are well versed ....but as of Quran , we should learn it in Arabic in order to keep the original meaning .

General : What about the people who read the Quran in Arabic without knowing the meanings .Aren't they wrong ? And few Imam(s) here in local mosques are like they do not understand Arabic at all , but still they lead and perform salat . Isn't that wrong ?

Thank you

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In the name of Allah!Assalamu Alykum.Dear brother, my language is not Arabic. 1) However, the Quran was revealed in Arabic , Allah has commanded to meditate on the verses sent down in Arabic . (Yusuf / 2 ). This suggests that understanding the language of the Quran is to understand its meaning , and must always retain its original language , even for those that are central to the translations and interpretations and the interpretation of native .

2 ) to develop standards and common core among all followers of Islam , and the provision of toys , religious unity and an international link between volume and trying to make its appearance , and social unity and understanding over the good and the may be required.

3 ) the spirit and content of any message, and nothing in its original language and translated it through the transition from one language to another , it could possibly damage authenticity .

. It would be a miracle , especially when the text is more accepted . The text and meaning of the word miracle, it must preserve the meaning of the term and the maximum was obsessed .

Specializes in translations from Arabic literature usually fine crumbs are scientific, literary, especially over time , a new interpretation of the text is divine . Perhaps all translations of the Quran is inferior and in many cases contain incorrect . For example, we have no translation of the sura called whole concept of being able to express it in other words , no. Even the word of Allah , have no equivalent in the other language , and a literary claim to the word of Allah in English, meaning Allah is never equal .

4 ) The words and the words of the Quran is the word of God and revelation , the same words that the angel of Revelation was revealed to the Prophet and the Muslims to the words , and words are of special sanctity . That is why Muslims keep trying to read the book in its original language should be the same .

In some traditions that seem to recite the Qur'an in a way that God speaks to you and has been revealed to you .

5 ) Also , perhaps because of the emphasis on the language of the Koran itself will keep it from distorting and humans has been of the other religions place in inauspicious . One reason for this emphasis on the preservation of the Quran is to be read and memorize the Quran in its original language .

Naturally, the way to learn the Arabic language and the main language to read the Quran , or Koran alongside the best translated to read it at any time , the better the content without any other.

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There are like 700 words that can help you in quran arabic due to the repititions

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ask this site the answer is always complete they bac up with quran and sahih hadit, i tried so... :

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Is it allowed to break rules in Islam if you are in other website?

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