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I don't believe you should get involved with black magic and if we have a doubt then ask Allah for protection. My parents put a youtube video of a Man reading quran to get rid of black magic next to me on my pillow while I Was In bed and my sisters pretended to be a sleep when really she watching me waiting for something happen and my mom is outside my door listening lol. I wasn't sure whether to listen to the reading because i should listen to it as most of it was quran but I got to scared so I started reading quran in my head and praying to Allah to protect me. I feel fine and don't believe I have Jin/curse/ but My family seems to think so I can't stop them everytime they want to do a reading on me because then they will think I have blackmagic and take matters a lot more seriously. Should I believe in this black magic a let a man do magic on me to get rid of it or pray to my god Allah and ask him for protection ?? Need a quick answer please xxxx

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I consider you make dua upon yourself and the umrah during salat. This sincere dua you make asking for gods help will inshallah work and you could consider going to the local sheikh of your masjid and asking for a lesson on Quran that protects from evil. Please do try reciting the 3 qul huwallahu ahad, qul huwa rabinas, qul huwa rabbi falaq, if you donot understand in English text please comment to my answer. This will inshallah keep the evil and magic away from you. Be righteous and have a strong faith in Islam.

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