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How do I retract my promise, according to the Islamic system ?

If i give some promises,but am not follow that one. What i do on that time .

Pls give me proper answer

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If you make a sincere promise you must be willing to risk everything to have that promise fulfilled, as long as the promise is appropirate in Islam, a halal promise. If you are not able to make the certain promise for yourself or a certain individual pertaining to things that stop you from doing it like loss of money, loss of health, loss of thought, would be understandable to the person you had made the promise for. Allah is the most merciful to all his creations, never swear to the name of Allah for things that have nothing to do in Islam, it is haram. You must beg for Allan's forgiveness for he is the most merciful, and the person who you made the promise to should understand. Allah guide you :)

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