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I love my mum very much but the things me does to me is getting out of hand. I feel embarrassed to go anywhere with her because she's always yelling at me and embarrassing me and cursing me in front of everyone. She talks about my weight in front of everyone and how fat I am and how I eat too much, and how I'm such a failure and I'll never achieve anything in life… I enrolled into college to please her and make something out of myself but she kept making me believe that I will fail until I actually failed. She's never had faith in me and never believed in me which is a complete let down. If I'm in my room she walks past and starts swearing at me and telling me how much she hates me she says to me that she never believed a mother can hate their own child until I was born… now I spend most of my time with headphones in my ears so I don't have to listen to her voice yelling and swearing at me and sending me Ghadab all the time. It breaks my heart, Ive never felt close enough to her to hug her and kiss her and tell her how much I love her. I'm 21 and I feel like I've lived my whole life without a mother. Sometimes i lose my temper and talk back to her and swear at her when she's swearing at me because it hurts so much and I don't know what else to do. Yesterday I went to my uncles house with her and when I was telling her something she started yelling at me and calling me an attention seeker…. what can I do!! I've given up on my life and I haven't been out of bed in months. I hate facing everyday because of her… I don't even wanna get married because I'm afraid of how she will treat me in front of the man I'm gonna marry one day. Sometimes I blame myself for everything because she's my mother and I'm the child and allah always listens to the mother… do you think allah will accept the duaa she makes on me??????

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Allah does not accept any dua of the unrighteous people. The people who curse, hate upon, and wish bad for others are excluded from Islam for times, as their prayer isn't accepted for 40 days. The people who do black magic for instance, it has no affect, mainly because Allah always helps the righteous at their times of need. In fact Allah loves the people who respect their parents no matter what they do. May Allah guide your mother, and I hope you keep your steadfastness.

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