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I got married agreeing to my parents will , knowing the fact that my husband was engaged to his cousin before...but after secretly going through his facebook I came to know that he is quite a female lover...he has been living in a hostel since a very young age and is attention-deficit so I have concluded that he constantly needs a girl to talk to but Im also afraid that he gets bored of them at one point...

My rukhsati is in june and Im very worried about my future...I have confronted him about his ex-fiance and he claims that his past is null and void to him and that I shouldnt worry but I am not able to trust him...My parents are of the view that he was immature then but now if he wants to claim responsibility I must help him guide through it and give him a chance...but if he can get over his cousin fiance to whom he got engaged out of his own will and likeness and yet left her after a year coz they werent compatible then Im afraid he can repeat the same with me (Allah maaf karay)..Im his choice too and he has never ill treat or misbehaved with me but I just cannot trust will I ever hold the attention of this guy ? Im afraid he will leave me one day :( How can I be someone different since he has been with all sorts of girls :'(..Im stuck with a womanizer !

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Thankyou for ur response ! Yes I think so too that he is someone whom I can change but that is where the challenge lies ! Please pray that Im able to guide him !

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Try teaching him about Islam more, he is a grown man, and should know that muslim men who are married should not commit adultery or any form of zina at all. If you feel that he is cheating, confront him with one of your family members, nothing should go wrong. He seems like a man who can change, in Islam it isn't haram for a married women to please her husband, it's halal. Allah guide you and him on the sirat al mustaqeem.

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