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Assalam Alaikum

I am 23 year old Indian male. I am going to complete my Post Graduation in few weeks. I am very impressed by a muslim girl, and I want to marry her. I dont know anything about her family. Before telling my family I want to ask her whether she is interested or whether she is not engaged or anything. What is the Halal way of asking for marriage? I am thinking to write a mail to her? Is this Halal?

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The main way of halal marriage is approval of the girl you wish to marry and her two parents, I'm sure you could get to know her family by making contact with the girl as a colleague and than speaking to her family about marriage, but before this you should talk to your parents about marriage and whether the girl is right for you too. If all goes well between the girl and you and her family and your family accept, that means a marriage could take place in a halal way. That's how we people of Arabia have been getting married for generations. But you must be willing to take risks for your love and her family and at the time of marriage you must invite her family over for a nice large dinner and show your true islamic respect and culture. For this they will see your behavior and judge upon your acts. Inshallah everything goes well and you stick to your deen.

You fellow muslim, Muhammad Noor.

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