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my son lives at home he wont work wont help is verbally and physically abusive to his father and myself,he says he is depressed,spends all day on the computer,refuses to work because he states the government takes the money,we buy his food cigs and everything he needs.Wht should I do?

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Your son must have a laziness problem. Does he follow Islam? If he does follow the true religion, you must inform him about respecting his parents who took care and nurtured him since he was an infant. In other cases try having him get a degree for a good job to sustain himself for living, and taking care of you and your husband. This son of yours must be a hustler, to bring home the loot for his loved ones. Encourage him to work harder and if he decides to physically abuse you and his father try teaching him a lesson in any way you can so he can feel bad and ask for your mercy and mainly the mercy of Allah.

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