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As-salamu alaykum

I have a question about salat and Muslims with disabilities please. I've searched the web and its confusing, having found what seem to be conflicting answers. I know that there are different opinions about some things among scholars but that doesn't lessen my confusion. I have just converted to Islam. I am very happy about it and I'm trying to do things right. I am disabled, disabled to the point of being on Social Security disability permanently. (The reason for the Social Security disability is that I have terminal cancer but its currently in remission.) I have a bad left foot. Basically it just hangs there (its called "foot drop") and I can't really move it. I had major surgery on my back a couple of months ago and that might help it come back eventually but for now its pretty useless and it could stay this way. I'll probably end up wearing a brace on it but I'm not sure exactly what that will help with and what it won't. Its very hard for me to get up and down for prostration. I can do everything else OK. Given my disability would it be alright if I just stood when I should prostrate, or maybe make some other movement rather than the prostration to take its place? If you can help me with this it would really help. Thank you.

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Assalam alikum, I heard about your problem, and you can pray anyway that eases you. You can sit down and pray, just do the same things normally but your seated. Allah will understand you, Allah knows best. Did you know that your deeds in your righteous book are multiplied and your prayers will be answered if you have an ailment or ailments and continue prayer to Allah. Inshallah you feel better.

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Thank you for the answer my brother. And thank you for telling me about the deeds written in my righteous book too. That actually makes me feel better.

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