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Could you please clarify for me something that has been troubling me for a while. This concerns the right of a man to have sexual relations with slave girls. Is this so? If it is then is the man allowed to have relations with her as well his wife/wives. Also, is it true that a man can have sexual relations with any number of slave girls and with their own wife/wives also? I have read that Hazrat Ali had 17 slave girls and Hazrat Umar also had many. Surely if a man were allowed this freedom then this could lead to neglecting the wife's needs. Could you also tell clarify whether the wife has got any say in this matter.

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There is no longer need of slave girls brother. If she is not in islamic halal marriage than she is not your wife. Having any sexual relations with a woman that you have not been married to is considered zina and is punishable by hell fire. Neither the wife can have sexual relations with a servant or another man that is not her husband, for that is zina as well. I really donot believe that the companions of the prophet peace be upon him, had any slaves, they freed slaves didn't they, probably just servants. I sure know that man who commanded the caliphate did not cheat on his wife with his servants either, he's a great noble man. May Allah guide you brother and keep you on sirat al mustaqeem.

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