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Assalam u alaikum,

I had a question on divorce but before that let me tell you about myself. I am married to my wife since 4 years and she is a revert. We have had fights before and she has used the word Divorce before and also said several times that she wants to leave. But I know that it was only out of anger and she didn't mean it, thus we always worked it out, although I know she shouldn't use it.

Recently I was chatting to my brother and he also recently got married and his wife also used the word Divorce, so I was counselling him and told him that wife's use the word divorce but the don't necessarily mean it and told him not to worry they love us a lot and it is something they use out of anger. My wife read that text message, and since then she said that I talk behind her back to my brother and that she wants a divorce from me.

She also abused me with bad words, also thinks that I always talk bad about her to my family. And this is not the case, I have never ever talked about our matters to my family, this was the first time and also my intentions were to make things better for my brother's marriage. I know it is my mistake and I should of not talked behind her back and admitted it to her and apologized, but she was hesitant. I love my wife a lot, and have never used the word divorce, but she says she doesn't trust me.

I want to know from a third person that what I did was worth all the behavior I got form my wife, and was she right to use the word divorce against me in this matter.

Please give me your humble opinion because it can matter a lot in our marriage.

Thank you, Muhammad

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Your a humble man Muhammad, and my name is Muhammad too! There might be a problem, pertaining that your wife is displeased with something about you. If you try bringing her closer to Islam and telling keeping on her good side constantly, her relation might strengthen between you both. In Islam, it is not haram to please your wife, if you try to please her more often a bond with be brought for her love and loyalty to you and her. Do you take her out often? Do you help her around in the house? Are you sure you are showing enough love and true heart for your relationship? These are some of the many factors that can affect a woman's mood towards you, especially your wife of course. I believe the stronger both of your connections to Allah the stronger your love and trust will be with eachother too, Allah is the greatest am I right? I will keep the umrah in my prayers, May Allah be pleased with you.

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I do show her affection and love, and as you said I will continue doing that, Alhumdulilah our relation was very strong till this incident. I want to know was if I wrong or she might of over reacted? This is important for me because I know how to deal with things in future. And an advice from a third person can sometimes influence on many relationships.

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Your a good man, and your wife seems to be a good hearted lady herself. Always keep her on her good side, be real, not fake. If you have something to say tell her in a good way, make her feel good about herself too. I will pray for the ummah, inshallah your problem will be solved soon.

(Apr 26 at 11:46) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image
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