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Salaam, Our family is Muslim alhamdulilah,some more pious than the others,my son has been married 2 times both have children and he has left them both and returned home,with promises of contributing to the house hold,he has been back in our home for 3 years now and has paid nor has he contributed anything.My husband and my self are made to feel guilty by him because we aren't a rich family and could not provide everything he thought we should as parents.His days consist of chatting with females on line,he was in college and quit he had 2 very good jobs and quit,he chooses not to see his children or even tries to reach out and support them. he refuses to work as well,If he is approached by us telling him he has to get a job or move out he gets angry very fast and verbally abuses us and has tried many times to fight his father,His siblings have all offer to let him help in the jobs they have and he does not.My second oldest son lives in the USA and has also offered him means to make money,he has no time and puts his sibling off to do nothing but chat on line.My son who lives in the USA is the only child we have that helps us every month both monetary and with buying food once a month for us,the other 3 children have also returned home to expect they have to do nothing but expect us as parents to provide their room and board and other things as in smokes candy soda food etc,if my husband and I say anything we are gained upon.Now we are responsible for over 2 grand for room tax for him since he is living in our home and has not paid for his rental room in over 3 years counsel is threatening to take us to court for the monies,which we do not have,and he chooses not to do anything to help make this matter right.I cannot ask my son in the USA for the monies he has a family and has always helped his parents and tried so hard to be kind,respectful and honor us and supportive to both parents and it isn't OK to ask him to pay for his lazy brothers care cost, and if he did my son would ever become a well adjusted part of society and a mature man,he is a man in age,but seems in years only! he is going to try and go get some money help by seeing a doctor and be diagnosed as with depression, which even if he does get this we still are responsible for the 2 grand we are at our wits end.I feel the reason he is this way is because he doesn't pray,however there is no communicating with him and his father and my self are not able to force upon him to leave.What can we do? From what I know of Islam he has already sinned terribly against his parents and children and the other wives he has abandon.I am at my witts end!

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I aplogoize if I wasn't able to solve your question the first time. If your sone refuses to do absolutely everything I consider just tell him to leave. That does sound kind of harsh, for he is a fully grown man that has been married twice with children. He is not a noble son I can tell you this. If he threatens you, you could have him in a problem with the government. My last question didn't solve you problem abut the hard result should work. Allah help him inshallah.

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