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Aselam alaikum werahmetulahi weberekatuh... I am a 29 years old muslim girl who got engaged almost two months ago... My fiance lives in us nd he wasnt present for the nikkah day... After two weeks of my engagement i asked my fiance when he called me regarding the process for the us visa out of enthusiam to live with him very soon ... But his reply was like this " in a disrespectful way nd in a very high voice why are you asking me this now we just got engaged soon nd this is none of your businness i ll handle it in my own way" i tried to tell him that i asked him this out of wanting to live with him soon which is a good thing for both of us nd that its not good to be in distance for long period but he kept on being angry with me... After our conversation i sent him a message that he doesnt hv a right to shout at me and disrespect me like that just because i asked him that ... After that incident its been now one month and he hasnt called, texted or contacted me in any ways ever since ... Please i beg you to give me an advise on this matter ... Jezakumulah kheyren!!!

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Asalam alikum, I believe that something must have happened to change your fiancés mind about your marriage. If that man lives in the United States, he might be in a different mood that he was when you and him were together. I live in the United States and I know that people stray away from their faith and loyalty in very short time. I'm sorry to say that he may had found a new lady for him and decides to not contact you. If the man doesn't care about you for this great amount of time, you should stop caring about him and get married to a real man who has a gentle attitude. There could be a problem where the man has a difficulty going on in his life and decides to hide away from his love. That man is not a real fellow, nor is he a worthy man of marriage. Only Allah knows what your "fiancé" is up to. Allah keep him on sirat al mustaqeem inshallah, you stay steadfast and donot lose your faith either, because only Allah knows best. By the way, is your fiancé a true follower of Islam? It could be a religious issue god forbid.

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