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I am a Muslim woman (35yrs)my mother ridicules, hurts and make fun of me to my husband. I know everyone here would say I am thinking so but no.. She enjoys saying she is right and we including our father is wrong in situations. She also claims she is very religious. I am scared to say anything for fear of punishment from Allah . I can't bear her and hate to go home. What must I do?

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Salam sister. Because your mom is doing something against Islam, you are allowed to reprimand her RESPECTFULLY. If your dad is better to you then ask him to talk to your mother. Also if you live with your parents you should consider moving out if this is the situation day in and day out

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Thx for the same Jzkyr

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You honestly need to have a heart to heart discussion with your father. If he is being treated this badly, he really needs to consider divorce. Divorce is in no means a sin, so if he leaves her no harm will befall him. Talk to your husband about this issue too, and you should definitely go to an Imam about this (assuming you haven't already). Do you have any siblings? If so, this issue needs to be brought to them as well. But yes please go to an Imam or Sheikh. Your mother clearly won't listen so outside sources need to be brought in

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And dua dua dua. So important. Most important

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