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I'm a new Muslim. My Imam married with me in my home. No witness, no dowry, just he and I was there. I like to know if that marriage was proper or there is something wrong with that kind of marriage. Please let me know and what I need to do? Thank you.

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Edited based on understanding. Comment if there's something wrong.

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Asalam alikum, your marriage is halal. It is more appropriate if at least two people from each side of both husband and wife come to witness the marriage, as long as both families are notified of this halal marriage all is fine.

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Asalaamu alykum the imam I married had told me that his parents pass a long time ago and his other family live in Africa . And my family are not muslim only my self. I that you very much for you'r answer.

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I didn't read your question properly, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to hear about his parents. I've mistaken that and imam was present when you were getting married to your fiancé. I suggest going to a mosque and talking to a sheikh or imam of that mosque to get you and your husband an actual marriage. Even If your husband is an imam himself, you both need someone who isn't your husband but a sheikh to make it halal. Thanks

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Asalaamu alykum I spoke to to him and he told me the he will think about havering an imam marrieing us he because he dose'nt want his other wife to know about it yet I did'ent know what to answer him I feel bad and hurt.

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If he has more than 1 wife she should be notified normally, he shouldn't wait to tell his other wife, there is no secret for marriage. Make sure he takes care of you both the same, if you feel that he treats the other wife better and gives you low treatment, remind him of the punishment of Allah. It's sunnah that you treat all wives the same. It's good your going to get a great marriage inshallah everything goes well. I hope you feel better, sorry you feel hurt.

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Asalaamu alykum thank I will do as u say and tell him of the punishment of Allah

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That's if he treats you bad only. If he's good to you please him :)

(Apr 27 at 17:15) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image
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